Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Loose Ends...

This is the time to complete things and tie up loose ends.

1. My fiction porn book deadline is being moved to June 25th. I'm at 40,000 words and should have no problem finishing. But I need to spend some time landscaping the house, so I'll lose some days. I want to get it finished, and then I want to go back and edit it, before sending it to my editor. After that, he can send it to my editor (since they have an option).

2. Frustrated: Still waiting on the Suzuki from my sponsorship. And I thought I was getting paid this week for a magazine article I wrote. Nope, not until July.

3. Need to make the tentative Friends With Benefits booksigning dates concrete.

After I get these three things done, I'll feel a lot better.


guyot said...

Uh, yeah... "need to landscape." Yeah, me too.

Lawrence said...

I'm trying to decide how much I will do. I have two trees that need to be trimmed, and I have a couple of flower beds that need to be hoed. A month ago, my weedeater broke in HALF when I gently tapped it on the ground to get more twine. That was the beginning of the end of my enthusiasm. lol My yard is the one thing that I won't miss when we sell our house.