Thursday, June 02, 2005

Back Started...

You know how you get tired when riding a bike, and you decide to stop? It takes a second for the lactic acid to subside, and then you get on the bike and start pedaling again. Well, that's how I feel now. My brain had reached that lactic acid level, and I needed about three days to get over it. Today, I put in about one thousand words, and I have about another two thousand in me by the end of the night. More porn to be written...

On the Friends With Benefits booksigning front, here's the tentative schedule. I can't say which bookstores will be hosting, because I'm still trying to do the off-site signings. Some of these will be off site, and others on-site. I'll spend three days in NYC doing the signings, and meet and greets.

Sept. 8th: Los Angeles
Sept. 9th: Oakland
Sept. 10th: Dallas
Sept. 11th: Houston
Sept. 12th: Nashville
Sept. 13th: Chicago
Sept. 15th: Lecture at Cal State Dominguez Hills
Sept. 16th: Atlanta
Sept. 18th: Miami
Sept. 20th: Washington DC
Sept. 21-24th: New York

I'm probably going to space them out a bit to give me some room. But I have to get this done before school starts.


B Payne said...


I'm getting nervous just reading about your self-imposed deadlines, meet and greets and signings. But every now and then you need to take some time for yourself and do ABSOLUTELY nothing. CHEERS!

B Payne

Lawrence said...

Stuff is quiet now. But it gets mad hectic in September. See, if I can finish the porn book by my deadline, then I can work on the Killer Ap full time. That actually IS my relaxation. lol I actually find this to be my most productive period because there's no football. During the fall, I have football, kid activities, and now, school. So I better do it now because three months from now, it ain't gonna happen.