Friday, June 17, 2005

Big Day Today...

For the first time in about two week, my brain could really focus on Project X, and so the words have flowed. The progress bar has inched up, but that's not an indication of where it will eventually end up this weekend. The story is right there in my brain now, and most importantly, the dialogue is there. I'd reached a temporary stop with the story, and when that occurs, I tend to just keep looking at the story, trying to work it out. Gotta get this book up and out asap.

Meeting with MK this afternoon. We're continuing to work on our documentary.

Started another script. Surprisingly, it has the tone of "Lost in Translation", a movie I didn't particularly like. However, it fits my script.

But everything has to go on the backburner. Get Project X to my agent. Finish soldifying book signing dates Friends With Benefits. Finish production for BlackCafeLit. Finish documentary proposal. Prep three scripts by the end of 2006.

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