Thursday, September 22, 2005

Winding Down...

The tour is winding down and despite the usual issues with bookstores, I'm close to calling it a success. Books are being moved and I'm starting to get media requests, which I will tackle when I get home. This tour, again, was about momentum. I reintroduced myself to booksellers, and that's important because I was basically rolling colleges and university bookstores for the past three years. I needed to get back in there.

My Amazon rating has been moving too. It's starting to stay under 50,000, which means that there's a bit of consistency in the purchases. It could be one or two per day, but that's enough to get the attention of prospective readers.

Now I'm going to target book clubs, groups and conventions. I HATE multiple author shows, mainly because it's a contest to gain the attention of readers, rather than having conversations with them and then letting the reader make a decision. But I'll do a few of those too.

This weekend should be pretty cool. I have the Congressional Black Caucus and then the AKA Stepshow. Both should be very good for my books.

Next stop, grad school party on the 25th


afrocentric said...

cousin i cross my fingers for you. it is a shame we still don't have our own network of literature that can promote us in our countires and abroad.whenever i mention a book to someone it ends up being a "tip" .

sherri said...

Afrocentric, you're talking now!

afrocentric said...

mmmh huh !!! i just had my little 5 mn against the world . anywho your link is quite interesting , make sure you put zadie smith's new novel as tip . i read it .

on beauty

Sherri said...

Afrocentric, email me. It's in the pile, under Octavia Butler's latest... reading Leaving Atlanta now.