Tuesday, September 27, 2005


All right. I am officially excited about film school. I just completed Day One of our orientation, and it just felt good to be around folks who write, and think about writing. I have this feeling that I'm really going to grow in this program.

Met four black folks who are in the acting part of the MFA program. Virginia Union, Spelman, and two Howard grads. HBCUs are representing! I think I'll organize a nice little bbq for the black mfa folks. Just so we don't feel isolated.

But even though the numbers of black folks are sparse, I must say that the folks are diverse occupationally and experience wise. So I look forward to listening to new stories outside of my community.


David Anaxagoras said...

Lawrence I'm terribly excited for you. Glad you made it back from your book tour alive and were able to attend the welcome party.

I know exactly what you mean -- it's a great feeling to be among other writers and filmmakers, where writing a screenplay seems like a perfectly normal use of your time and not some outlandish pipe dream.

When is your first class?

Lawrence said...

Thanks man! My first two classes are on Monday, with Walter and Ackerman. I'm trying to take a Tuesday evening development course (288A), but I have to lecture at UCSB on Tuesday, so I don't know if I'll get in. But folks are really cool. I have another orientation tomorrow, and then it's chilling for the rest of the week.

David Anaxagoras said...

Walter is entertaining, and the lecture is mercifully brief.

You will have one of my private-workshop pals in your Ackerman section -- say "Hi" to Terry Loose for me.

The real value in that development class is the relationships you'll build with the producers and directors. At least you have an impressive excuse for missing the first class!

Lawrence said...

Walter is cool, and sure can talk. I'll say what's up to Terry. As for the development, I intend on building a LOT of relationships with producers and directors. A LOT.