Monday, July 11, 2005

This Week...

Sorry about the lack of posts about writing, marketing books, or Friends With Benefits, but I'm under a hot deadline to get my house ready for sale. This past weekend, I spent it getting the backyard into shape. Over the past month, it seemed like my trees suddenly sprouted branches everywhere. So those had to be culled back. I've got to finish up today or tomorrow, and then travel to the Delta Midwest Convention. My painter has promised to get everything done by Thursday. Realtors are coming on Friday to make their pitches. So it is busy, busy, busy. And with a month and a half before Friends With Benefits comes out, I have a lot to do. But not this week.

Wrap up time:

1. I have a sponsorship with American Suzuki, but for some reason, there's been a glitch in getting things done. But I have faith they'll get it together.

2. Savoy Magazine: I think I'm in a long list of writers waiting for their checks.

3. BlackCafeLit: I'm working on the script for BCL this week, in anticipation of shooting at the Harlem Book Fair.

4. Documentary: I need to work on the documentary proposal this week. I think I'll do it while flying to Columbus and in my hotel.

5. Scripts, scripts, scripts: I'm writing three scripts right now, pretty much as practice. I'm also trying to practicing tag lines for my scripts. I need to become more precise and succinct in explaining my script ideas.


Danyel said...

hm. is that true about Savoy? sad.

Lawrence said...

But get this: I was assigned a story for the FIRST Savoy a few years ago. I literally finished my last interview, got home to write the article, and then received an email that said "Savoy is kaput". I call the Savoy headquarters and get a "We're sorry, but the number..." message. No soup for me.

So, out of the blue, a Savoy editor calls me about doing a story. Now I DON'T BLAME HIM at all. He has credibility. But the publisher is apparently doing the old wait on the ad, wait until she gets paid, then pay everyone else, shuffle. And of course, writers and photographers are left out in the cold. That's why I hate doing freelance work.