Tuesday, July 19, 2005


That weekend off was great and now I feel incredibly refreshed. I'm still playing with writing forms different than books, and the latest is a thirty minute sitcom. I've had a bit of instruction and guidance from a friend, and I'm finding it to be a very fun process. I'm even laughing at things in the right spots. It'll be interesting to see how this turns out.

On the Sponsorship front: I get my bike from Suzuki next week. YEAH!!!

On FWB: I still need to finish setting up my tour, but not this week. I'll get going on that next week.

The house has now been listed, so we are on our way. We have a brokers open house on Thursday, and then on Saturday and Sunday, there's the open house for the public. Getting a house ready for selling was some hard, hard work, but we're very optimistic about having multiple bids. We have a pretty nice house.

We told our six year old son about moving last week, and he was cool with it, as long as he got his own computer. That was a pretty good deal.

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