Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Hot...but I need to get back to work...

It's hotter than hell in Los Angeles today. But I need to get back to work. Right now, I've got to finish the documentary proposal and send it to MK Asante. We're working on it together and hopefully we'll be able to shoot it next summer. It's a sports and race documentary and we're pretty excited about it.

But back to brass tacks. I will NOT be going to the Harlem Book Fair. We have our open house scheduled this weekend, and we need to be around. So that sucks. BlackCafeLit gets pushed back a little bit more. But it's still on my board.

I need to find out from my agent and editor how they liked Money Shot.

FWB, as I said before, is my concern next week. I will finish scheduling all of my book signings. I still need to get a report from Kensington on what they are going to do publicity wise. Also, I need to find out if my frat brother was able to consumate a sponsorship for my tour. If not, it's coming out of my pocket. Not a biggee, but I'd rather someone else pay for it.


Anonymous said...

How happy are you with the resources Kensington is devoting to FWBenefits? Are you getting the full blown treatment? Tour?

Lawrence said...

You've got to know that for each book, I come in wit the thought pattern that my publisher is going to do nothing to publicize my books. Even if they do, they'll only give you about six weeks of support. So that said, Kensington tends to do a really good job setting up interviews, getting my books into bookstores, and building relationships with the booksellers. That is because I have two pitbulls at Kensington on my side. Jessica Mclean is a dream when it comes to sales and promotion. If she believes in your book, she'll literally hogtie a bookseller to not only order your book, but order a LOT of your book. That is damn important. Actually, I think that's the most important thing in publishing. You can have tour stop after tour stop, but if your book isn't being ordered by booksellers, forget it. You're dead.

My other pitbull is Karen Thomas my editor. She will handle any issue I have with Kensington personally. After three books and five years, I trust her to get stuff done when I need them done.

I still don't know Kensington's promotional plan, but that's not unusual. They are still working on the June/July books. But I should hear something very soon. If Kensington does an extensive telephone tour that supports my book tour, I will be more than happy. But it has to be targeted to my audience, and not just me on the radio jibber jabbing about my book.

I can't really complain that much about what Kensington does. They don't spend as much as Random House or Harpers, but they consistently get their books on the bestsellers lists. And I've sold a lot of books with them to date.