Monday, July 04, 2005

The Network Matrix...

Okay, the network matrix is a made up term I use for marketing. But it basically works this way. Once you've identified your target demographic, you've got to study them so that you know everything about them. You need to know who they are, where they go to eat, what they like to watch, where they like to worship, etc. And then you have to make sure that your marketing is everywhere they are. Don't worry about them getting tired of seeing you, that doesn't matter. You should be in front of their faces so much that they are guided as by an unseen force to your book. Your target demo is moving from place to place, and constantly seeing your book. Your network is now in your marketing matrix. Escape is futile. lol

Now, this is the delicate part. I won't talk about what I'm going to do specifically to market Friends With Benefits, until the marketing is underway. My book is now in competition with other books for sales, so I'm not particularly interested in giving away my specific strategies. But even as vague as I'll be, any writers on here can use my general principles for their own books.

On another front, I am consolidating all of my stuff (writing/lectures/BlackCafeLit etc.) under one umbrella. In about a month, my company website RudeBoyMedia, will be up and running. I should have done this a while back because my accountant tells me there are certain tax benefits to doing it. But also, sometimes business won't write checks directly to individuals. That means I have to wait for payment as they get approvals, yada, yada. I hate waiting. So look for in a few more week.


Anonymous said...

Hey Again!

Just a note to let you know how much I am in awe of your multi-tasking. I am so over studying for the bar, and yet you are doing 2.3 million projects at a time.

You're giving a sister a little bit of inspiration that she so desperately needs right now.

Keep up the good work, and I'll see you at Eso Won in Spetember.

P.S. You know, I live in Leimert Park and was so annoyed with that Wal-mart commercial. You would have thought the whole area was nothing but government
I went to see an open house this past weekend. Sticker price: 800 grand!

p.p.s. Can't wait to try out your method for promotion when my time comes.

Anonymous said...

By the way, it's Tammee :)

Lawrence said...

Right now, I've got a guy painting my house. I've got a week worth of yardwork to do and then listing of our house. I'm getting pretty tired. But at least I got my other manuscript done. That as a goal.