Monday, December 11, 2006

Next Weekend...

I didn't go to a hotel last weekend to finish the book, but I'm definitely doing it this weekend. Figured I'd finish the 434 script first. Deadline for that, Friday. Working on it now. I want to go to class on Wednesday, but with no babysitter for Langston, I may have to drop off some pages at class, and then roll. I need some feedback on a scene. Don't know if it works or not. Oh, I have a KILLER idea for my next 434 script. April even came up with the KILLER title.

On Thursday, I have a trend article due for Icono. Since I'm devoting Saturday and Sunday to the book, I'm going to do about two or three observations per day, versus waiting until the weekend. Might actually work a bit better. I'm finding that I'm losing my relaxation time on the weekends as I get my obs done.

So let's recount: First draft of USC script done. 434 script about thirty pages away from being finished, but at the end of the night, it should be done to fifteen pages left. Icono, on track and up to date. TheYack: I have a few authors lined up for chats, and I work on it a bit more after Xmas. The Book: A lot closer to being done that my meter says.

Once everything else is done, I can clear my mind and make my book feel the way I want it. I will relax a bit and vow to NEVER overload like that again. But hell, at least I will know that I can do it. Oh, now that I think about it, I should be receiving my copyedit for the fiction manuscript.

Later...producing the annual UCLA Screenwriters Showcase...

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