Monday, December 04, 2006

Halfway done...

Okay, this weekend, I finished the USC script. It's a first draft, so ya never know how it really turned out. It's hot out of the oven, full of plot holes, a bit of on the nose dialogue, some novelistic description, and a couple of underdeveloped characters. But other than that, delicious from first word on.

Krystal will get me notes on it in two weeks, so that gives me an opportunity to finish what's next on my list, which is 434 script. I'm not done yet, and I may have to ask my teacher if I can bring Langston to class. April just got a gig, so I need to pick him up on Wednesday. We'll see. It's our last class, and it may be easier to just miss it and get Langston going on his homework, dinner, etc. Three hours is a bit much for a seven year old after having been in school all day.

On the immediate: Finish writing my final tonight and then write on the 434 script. Turn in the final tomorrow. I'm going to try to finish my 434 script by this weekend. After that, I will do nothing but work on my book. Anita gave me another extention, but this is the last one. I need to get it done by first week of January. Funny, but I've never missed a deadline, but this is one SLOW book to write. That said, I will have successfully completed all of the writing projects I overburdened myself with after the book is written.

Next quarter, I'm going to take it easy. I'm going to take my time and write my 434 script, and then add a spec script to my portfolio. That's all. Close to graduation in June, I will start thinking about my next fiction and non-fiction projects.

I don't know if I mentioned it, but TV-One, the black cable network, approached me about producing a show. Along with my boy Ben in the producing program, and MK, we're going to start work on it summer 2007. It's a great opportunity, and the PERFECT post graduate project to work on.

So the future is so bright, I've gotta wear gazelles.

PS: The Lakers are winning regularly, Manchester United are first, and Cal just beat Stanford, again. The only downer: The Raiders are putrid. At least Bob Newhart isn't our offensive coordinator anymore. Just about seven games too late.

Happy Alpha Day everyone! 1906-2006


Kesha Boyce Williams said...

I've started visiting your blog more often and it's great to see you are doing so well. Congrats on the new opportunities. And happy belated Alpha day :-).

Lawrence said...

Thanks a bunch for the note!