Tuesday, May 30, 2006


Okay, I'm on page 88, and I'm ready to get to the third act of Yardies. It should be pretty smooth sailing from here, I simply got sleepy last night and stopped writing. I even came up with a twist in the story, which made me a bit hyped.

About to head to the gym. I haven't really been on the lifecycle for a month, and after a weekend of barbeque, I'm feeling lumpy and dumpy. The belly's getting a bit swelly and I need to buckle down. Got on the scale this morning: 214lbs. I'd really been hovering around 211-212lbs, but I think I've REALLY gotten off track. So today is back to six meals a day, with my diet of clean food. 8 glasses, roasted chicken, avoid the carbs, etc. I think I'm making my Fraternity convention (July 25th) the target date to get to 200-205. That's six weeks to lose 14 pounds. Should be a snap.

Gotta watch the DaVinci code this morning and then write a report. I have three more screenwriting showcase packages to drop off. And then I need to drop off Sloan script.


aquababie said...

i know how you feel about "lumpy and dumpy". i'm on a mission to lose 30 pounds. it's so easy to get sidetracked.

Lawrence said...

Today, I was only a bit cool. This is the second straight day I went to the gym, but I cheated and got some donuts at the vending machine during a break in class. One of the things that's devious about carbs is that you really have to break their hold on you. Once you do, the weight flows off of you. But if you don't, you'll find yourself working out, but standing still. I lost a pound from two days ago, and as long as I keep doing 45 minutes of cardio, I'll automatically drop weight. But I must stay away from the carbs. Good luck on your weight loss.