Wednesday, May 17, 2006

My 434...

Is absolutely hilarious. I swear, I'm having more fun in this group than I think is really allowed. We really do go over our pages, but the conversation always tends to gravitate toward humor, innuendo, and funny stories. Dave, our fearless leader, is a breath of fresh air. He's a UCLA film school grad, working writer, and knows what he's talking about. But he also knows that being a writer is about stressing yourself out. So would he add to it? He give EXCELLENT notes, and keeps it light. Kudos.

Yesterday, there was an accident on my block. A woman decided to pull out of her parking space, and then make a U-turn. Bad idea. She was clipped by a car, and then the domino effect started. At the end of it, one car was totaled, a parked car was badly hit, and another parked car had its bumper damaged. That bumper belonged to my Jeep. I've got to call her insurance tomorrow.

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Jay Clayton said...

Well maybe you can use the accident as an excuse to get a new car