Monday, May 15, 2006

Goals for the week...

1. Get to page 60 of Yardies.
2. Meet with Lexington for more Money Shot
3. Meet with my Sloan science professor. Prepare to turn in Men of their times for the Sloan.
4. Work out four times this week. Restart the diet. Right now, I'm at 212lbs. Feeling fat. Need to get to 205lbs, the original target.
5. Clean up an old completed script. I need to rewrite it, but before I do that, I need to clean it up. I wrote this before getting into UCLA, so I can now see a ton of issues.
6. Continue reading Alex Epstein's Crafty Screenwriting.
7. Inquire to my agent about when I should receive my Kensington contract. BEA is happening this week, so that could be the holdup. But ya never know.

I was driving the Jeep today when a strut decided to come loose. So now, I have to roll out to get a new set of struts. But regardless, mother's day was great. Took the wife to Fred 62 in Los Feliz with the little boy. Ate the Santa Fe Frittata. Saw a past UCLA film school grad while there. Wrote twelve pages today, and I'm still not sleep (it's 4am right now). Time for bed.

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