Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Hal's Class Today...

We didn't have anything due today for my screenwriting class, but we watched the first acts of three movies: The Professional, Tootsie, and A Walk on the Moon (which was written in Hal's class). It was very informative as we watched how writer's wrote off the nose dialogue and how conflict was the center of every line, scene and the act itself. Again, it makes you very cognizant that you need to know your characters REALLY well. Right now, I'm doing a character sketch for my characters, and it's really making them come to life. Last week, I rewrote my story and started two scenes from Act One. But over the next couple of days, I'll first flesh out the characters, and then start writing better scenes.

Called Karen at Kensington to see if they were going to buy Money Shot. I sent an email to my agent, but I haven't heard back. Turned in my story idea for the Sloan Foundation ($10,000 prize) and I really like it.

Tomorrow begins my workout schedule. My knees are at 85% and I can walk straight without pain. Cutting, like a football player, is out of the question. But Lifecycle, here I come.

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