Saturday, November 05, 2005

Backed Up...

I'm a bit backed up due to travel, so right now I'm doing my Hal assignments. We have to create a synopsis of our thirty page script, and we have to show how we'd adapt a story. Normally, I literally stare at the computer for a few days, relaxing while thinking about the assignment, and the tackle it. But Clemson set me back a bit. But neither of the assignments are difficult, so I should get them done by tomorrow night.

On the Friend With Benefits front, Black Expressions (the Doubleday book club) has listed my book as a hot read on their website. Let's hope for nice sales from that.

I haven't talked to the agent in a week, and I need to do that. I decided to scrap my old book proposal for the NEVER ENDING NON FICTION BOOK PROJECT and start again. I found my favorite book proposal book and I'm going to take a week and re-read it. Hopefully, I can crank out something worth selling.

I've got to see if Karen wants to buy Money Shot. If so, that's a few extra dollars in the coffers.

Went to the Ortho pedic doctors today, where they twisted and turned my knees. I now need an MRI on the right knee, because it still hurts. They want to see if there are any miniscus (sp?) tears there.

Tuesday, I'm going to start working out again. I need to get in shape because my diet is terrible and I feel like a blog. The Wooden Center sit there on campus with all of the state of the art exercise machines (and only $50 annual membership for the wife. Go UCLA!) and I need to get off my ass for an hour and work out. Bad knees or no, there's no excuse.

Tomorrow, the wife is out for her sorority meeting, and I take the now front toothless munchkin to his morning art class. After that, it's finishing my stories and football all day. I'm out!

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