Monday, July 14, 2008

Finished Book Proposal...

I just finished my book proposal. It's the third draft, so I hope it passes my agent's muster. This bad boy came out to 47 pages, with a 25 page sample chapter. I have to admit, I haven't written anything that felt like a book in a long time. At Icono, we wrote a ton of smaller articles. They had their own look and feel, and admittedly I'm not sure I ever got it, but there's nothing like writing a book. So that's done.

Tomorrow, I'm getting on the horn to try to fill up my lecture schedule. I'm off to a good start with three done and two more on the way. But now, it's about filling up weeks. Tomorrow, I'll start at 6am and call schools in North Carolina and New York. September is the month to fill first. I'm looking to book between twenty to thirty schools for the fall, and then fully book Black History Month. I really do have fun lecturing to college students. They reaffirm my regard for black youth.

On the writing front, I have two projects. One is a treatment about Harlem and the other is my script, The Bestsellers. I'll be writing each this week.

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