Monday, July 21, 2008

Big Week...

So, my book proposal is out there and I think my agent will be sending it to more publishers. This weekend, he attended the Harlem Book Fair, so hopefully we got a few bites there.

I'm hoping to finish my latest version of The Bestsellers and then work on honing it next week. I'm going to the Delta Sigma Theta Sorority convention in Orlando this week, and I'll be signing books left and right. I haven't been able to do that in a while and although your feet throb and your hand goes numb, it'll be fun.

In the off hours, I'm going to work on the script. This weekend, I worked on the treatment for the Sloan/Sundance competition. That is due at the beginning of September, but before then, I'm going to see if I can pitch it. If the pitch goes nowhere, then I'll go for the $25,000 prize and write a script.

Next, I'm re-reading the various fiction projects I've stopped and started over the past two years. I'm a little torn between finishing a few of them, like SLAVERYLAND, and starting new and writing a series like I want. I think I'll finish SLAVERYLAND, which has been a three year ordeal to write.

On the lecture front, I need to finish scheduling schools. My goal is to schedule at least fifteen for the fall and then book fifteen for Black History Month. Right now, starting late, I have booked four schools. So I have a way to go.

On the brandGREEK front, I have a meeting with McDonalds on Tuesday. The head of US marketing is cool AKA sorority members, so she was more than happy to get me the meeting. Now that I'm not working at Iconoculture, I'm free to pull out my contacts.

Had a few meetings last week, nothing that really groundbreaking. I do keep getting meeting with people wanting to work with brandGREEK. I'll evaluate each out as they come.

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