Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Reading other scripts...

In film school, you read a lot of scripts. From other students, from movies that you admire, etc. But I'm not a natural script reader. I have to force myself to read, mainly because I've had to force myself to watch movies. But I've learned to really like movies, and sometimes reading script is fun. Right now, I'm reading a film school buddy's script and it's a delight. For one, I get out of my narcissistic need to work on my own stuff and give back a bit. Anyway, I read the first act and I could see the movie. That still amazes me. The script is written in a professional manner that allows me to imagine the movie. Still nothing like it. Anyway, that little bit of reading has now made me stay awake and get back to work on my latest script. Oh that narcissism.

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David Anaxagoras said...

I remember the first student script I read that felt like a movie -- it was clean, lean and funny as hell. A little light-bulb went on at that moment for me.

Every now and then I read something fresh and amazing -- it usually has the effect of making me simultaneously jealous, despondent and fired-up/inspired.