Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Officially Full of Projects...

This morning, I went to the gym. Yeah. I got on the Lifecycle, and only lasted thirty minutes. Boo. But, it was a start.

I had my first day at Iconoculture, and I've got to say, folks are mad cool. Really. From the head down. There's a ton of company terminology and methodology to learn, and I'm going to spend time this week getting it down.

On the book front, I accepted my editor's offer to extend my deadline to December 14th. You know how in the movies, fireworks go off when good news happens? Well, that's what happened when I received her email. Now, I can plot out my interviews over the next few months, versus trying to cram them into a month and a half.

Lastly, I've picked up my last writing project for the year. Krystal, the sister in USC's Stark program, and I are going to collaborate on a television pilot. She will use this pilot as her thesis. Hopefully, as we both graduate from our respective universities, we'll have sold it to a money bags network. Bully for us!

But that's all for the year. I was going to take the Kevin Smith class, but that will take too much time. This quarter, I'll take my 434 and one critical studies class (I think the documentary course). I'll do the same thing in the winter quarter, and then flow out of UCLA with another 434.

For the year: Iconoculture, 434s, the book, and this pilot. Each requires a part of my brain, and steady concentration. But I got up today with my game face on. I like that. Keeping me busy keeps me focused.


elisabeth said...

yay! glad so much goodness in the works.

(can I get a cameo in the pilot?)

Lawrence said...

You got it! BTW, I add a link to your blog.

Unruly Brown said...

LMAO! 30 minutes on the lifecycle! You sound like me. I started working out again last week. Went at it HARD for about 35-40 minutes and damn near passed out. lol Had to lie down on the cold tiles in the ladies' room for about 5 minutes. hehehe

Stay with it though. All that stuff you have going on--you definitely need the exercise too. (Hi, Kettle, I'm Pot.)

Lawrence said...

We've pretty much stopped the soccer and started the softball, which is definitely a low impact sport. lol Next week, I'm going to get back to the three to four days a week on the lifecycle. I discovered "light" Breyers Rocky Road ice cream bars and it's leading me straight to hell. That stuff is chocolate crack.