Wednesday, September 20, 2006


The indestructible Powerbook G4 became destructible two days ago. The hard drive crashed, so it was a nervous trip to my boys at Mac 911 in Santa Monica. Been going there forever and they give you great personal service. So, with a new 120GB hard drive, new DVD (that had crapped out about two weeks ago) and a general clean up, the G Money is good to go. Oh, there was one issue. One of my NBC scenes was adios, so I had to ask my boys to see if they'd kept a copy. One had, thank god. Speaking of the NBC scenes...

I sent them in today. After vetting them with three of my UCLA screenwriting comrades, along with Hal's comments, I made changes that I think made them work. Scenes out of context are hard to do, but I think I did it without making them pure exposition. We'll see.

Just finished my expense report for the Minneapolis trip. OH, I FORGOT! Now, sit down. Hold on to your seat, because you won't believe it. I FINALLY received my check from Savoy magazine. No, seriously. I have to give Hermene one bit of credit. She did send it on September 5th, but it was sent to my old address. But ya nevah know when you spend a year and a half waiting to get paid. But three cheers for being a PRO-ACTIVE and aggressive writer!

Things to do:

I need to write about two thousand words on the book.
I have about three more observations left and two trend articles for Iconoculture. I'll do those tonight.
Kensington wants me to do an update of The Divine Nine. We'll see.
I meet with Ted Frank from NBC next week, and I need to schedule my appointment with Johnathan Rodger at TV One. I'm trying to coordinate the upcoming school schedule, with my need to go to NYC, blah, blah, blah.
I lecture at San Jose State next week.
Working on the characters and plot of Secrets & Lies.

One of the good things is that a lot of my schedule will be knocked out one by one, freeing me a lot.


Unruly Brown said...

:) re: getting your Savoy check. A year and a half? Wow. You go.

Update on Divine Nine, huh? Hmmm...I wonder how you could expand on that? I thought it was rather comprehensive already.

RageyOne said...

Good deal that you received your $$$ from Savoy!

Lawrence said...

I took a picture of me with the check and I think I'll post it to the blog. lol

tina harris said...

My accounts are at Anyway, I came check your blog on a premise of a tag on hazing. It's been quite enjoyable to read so far.
I know what you mean when you talk about a PowerBook G4. Mine has started making noises and I do fear it'll go kaput one of these days.
My current blog is

Good luck!

Butta said...

Wow @ you finally getting your check from Savoy. I'm into a two-month wait for a check myself from a publication. Patience is truly a virtue. Yours definitely paid off.