Monday, September 22, 2008

Project #1

In an effort to become more focused, I'm eschewing the big plans and conquering them one at a time. First up: I've been informed that my pitch to the Sundance/Sloan Grant has made it to the next round. This script is called ROUND BRAIN/SQUARE WORLD and is a fictional account dealing with the futurist Buckminster Fuller. They need an eight to twelve page treatment by Wednesday, so that's what I'm writing right now. From there, they will evaluate it and then make a decision in December to see if I get the $25,000 grant. This prize is a version of the Sloan contest I entered as a grad student. I was a finalist for that contest, but didn't win. I've been intrigued by Bucky since my senior year in high school when the last class I took was an architecture class. See geodesic domes got me thinking and I've always wanted to write about him. Now here's my chance. After I write the treatment, I'll continue the research for the script.

As for The Bestsellers, I still haven't heard back from the ICM agent. I'll email her later this week. My book proposal still hasn't gained traction, which is disappointing. This is a tough market and tough economy for non fiction, so I'll just have to trust my agent to work it through the New York publishing houses.

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RageyOne said...

congrats on making it to the next stage!