Sunday, September 07, 2008


We're in the process of moving and you never know how much crap you've bought until you have to pack it up. The same goes for writing. A few weeks ago, I started cleaning up old projects, while trying to prioritize the ones I want to concentrate on. One thing has been tripping me out. After film school, I have become LESS efficient with my writing. My brain is geared to ideas and I always have a bunch of them. But for some reason, nothing is getting done in the way I'm used to. I did concentrate on The Bestsellers from March 07 until a few weeks ago, so I have that. But I haven't been grinding like I used to. I'm going to have to think of new strategies. Now that I'm not at Icono anymore, or in grad school, I really don't have any excuses. I think some of this will be solved if my agent eventually sells my non fiction proposal. Writing non fiction is my joy. But I have a number of scripts that I want to finish or rewrite, but I need to know how The Bestsellers comes out first. I don't write as a hobby. I write to express myself and make money. So my writing priorities are put in a very distinct order. We'll see.

I'm about to head out to Virginia and North Carolina for a week long Divine Nine lecture tour. I really miss talking to students, so this will be fun. Plus, I love lecturing.

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