Saturday, March 29, 2008

Burnt out...

Hey all,

Sorry for not posting recently, but I've been pretty burnt out. My computer died on me, so I had to get another one. And my work schedule has been pretty hectic. As a result, I haven't been that productive over the past month.

When that happens, you need to stop and get things back in order from every aspect of life. My clothes had been piling up, so I needed to take care of that. Signed up for 24 hour fitness, so I need to schedule a regular time for that.

As for writing projects, I need to finish the ones I've started. My non fiction joint is making the NYC circles. I'm about fifteen pages from finishing my script, THE BESTSELLERS, so I hope to end this long process. I've been writing on it for a year and that's too long for any script. I need to finish my next novel, which I've been working on for two years. And I need to refresh and start another script before everything I learned at UCLA goes down the drain.

So it's clean up and refresh day, and hopefully this week becomes more productive.

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