Friday, February 15, 2008


Finally, my next book proposal is done. I absolutely hate doing book proposals, but they make you really think about what your book is going to be about. What makes them difficult for me is that I tend to come up with the general idea for the book, but proposal makes you sit down and get into the weeds in terms of details. You're constantly proving and disproving to yourself that there's a book in your idea or just a really long magazine article.

For this book proposal, I realized after almost finishing a few months ago, that my proposal was much too narrow for a book. It took some serious contemplation about what the book was ultimately about and whether or not it was important enough to be a book. I finally reached that point. Now, I'm going to get some really nice paper, print it out and then send it to my agent. He'll look at it and tell me he gets it or not. If he does get it, he'll point out the strengths and weaknesses. I'll probably have to do some adjusting, but after that, it gets shopped. But for now, I'm just happy to be done.

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