Sunday, November 19, 2006

The Sweet Spot and Other things...

For the past week, I've given myself a bit more time to sleep. I'm now going to bed around midnight, but something strange is happening. At 4am, I wake up. Apparently, my brain is relaxing and then going over my script. Problems with The Bestsellers are becoming much more clear, and like my boy in A Beautiful Mind, the answers are lighting up in my head. So I've been rushing to my whiteboard and writing down what I've figured out. Rest and illumination? Sign me up for life!

Anyway, I'm rapidly rewriting the first thirty pages of The Bestsellers, and then shooting them off to my classmates and prof for quick critiques. This is pretty par for the course for me as I constantly plow, rewrite, and then plow some more. I'm not looking for perfection, but a solid first draft. Everything else can be rewritten.

This is going to be a working Thanksgiving, as much as I'd like to just chill. Today, I'm finishing a couple of trend articles for Icono, and then tomorrow I'll finish my observations. We have a shortened schedule, so it'll be easier to finish in one day. I also have a proposal to forward to MK. It's a post graduate documentary project.

The USC first draft script is due December 1st, and then Money Shot on December 14th. It's going to be one helluva couple of weeks coming, but once I'm done, I'm done. My Spring should be a breeze, with only scripts to write.

I went to the Cal game and they damn near broke my heart. Win the game and we get to the Rose Bowl. We didn't. Nothing like listening to an obnoxious USC fan recite the words to their song about one hundred times. At least the Lakers are playing well, Manchester United keeps winning, and Cal plays Stanford in two weeks. We should beat them by 80.

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