Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Life at a La Quinta Inn...

It's about one in th morning, and we luxuriating just outside of Las Cruces, NM. In about an hour, I'll get the crew up to keep on stepping toward Dallas. More than likely, we'll get there around mid afternoon.

The wife has been fighting a cold, never fun on a road trip, but the boy has been having a ball. You forget how "exciting" hotel rooms are for a seven year old, but man, Langston reminded me. Can I bounce on the bed? Can I spin in the chair? Can I get something from the vending machine? Can I watch Cartoon Network? Yada, yada.

This is going to be a working Thanksgiving, by the way. I have four observations to write, and I need to finish the first draft of the USC script. My boy Dave referred me to a friend of his who writes for NCIS (who says film school doesn't work?) and he gave me some tips for setting up the five act structure. The tips reaffirmed what I was doing, and how Krystal and I set up the beats for the story. So go Krysal and Lawrence!

For my 434 script, I'm now into the second act, having rewritten the first act five times. But those rewrites were well worth it. Remember, my goal is to have a better first draft than I had during my first year.

The old weight loss thang is completely out of the window right now. I'm out of shape and about to gorge myself with food. I'll get back on the Lifecycle after Thanksgiving.

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