Monday, October 16, 2006

Changed Mind...

Decided against making one of my characters a man. Sure, it makes it more commercial, but I couldn't figure out a way to make any story relevant and comedic. Also, I lost a bit of what I was going for in the story, which is two women from different backgrounds becoming friends. Pretty simple that.

This is going to be a grundgy week, meaning I'm not letting anything get in the way of writing. Get stuff done is the mantra. Right now, I am taking out some of the subtrefuge I had at the beginning of The Bestsellers, and tightening it up. Then I'm going to write the beats. That's due on Wednesday, but I want to get it done by tonight. Then, I'll start writing the script. This is week 3, so I'm a little behind, but I'll catch up. It's weird, but this year feels slow and I feel like I really haven't got my brain into it yet. I think it's because of all the projects. Boy, I can't wait until it's Xmas and I'm done with the book, the script, and the television script. I won't write anything for a month. May not even turn on my computer. Yeah, right.

Weight Loss Update:

Start: 219lb
Now: 218lb

Only got in one workout over the past ten days, mainly because Iconosphere messed with my schedule. I'll get in at least three per week starting tomorrow.


Unruly Brown said...

Nice joke! YOU? Not turn on your computer?? Hahaha! Woooooo, boy, that was a good one.

:) Glad to see you're still working on the weight loss. Hey, one pound at a time is how it's done. I fell off the wagon again with the exercise. None last week. Just can't make myself care about these last few inches on my belly. Ain't like anybody else does! They all think I look great. Yeah, right! They can't see my belly.

aquababie said...

my weight is at a standstill because i am not exercising. i must do better.

Lawrence said...

Tia: I know. I'm addicted to my laptop and I can't help it. As for the gym, I'm going tomorrow to get my sweat on. You know that you need to go to the gym when you leave your own house and check yourself out in "foreign" mirrors. The mirrors at the crib always make you say, "I'm cool". But go to the bathroom mirror at your local fast food joint and you'll instantly know that layering ain't hiding the belly. lol

aquababie: We all must do better. I'm off to the gym tomorrow.