Sunday, March 22, 2009


I just turned in my latest version of The Bestsellers. It's in the hands of the agent, so if it works, fine. I'm pretty much done writing it for no pay. Time to start on a new script.


Al Lampkins said...

I Am Albert Lampkins, I am trying to contact my uncle Alvin Sr or MY cousins Alvin JR and April, I can be reached at 910-354-5528. Thank you

Trey Greene said...

I'm listening to you on Mechelle Martin's Tell Me More. I'll get a copy of The Divine Nine.

Please *don't use* the non-sequitur,
"centered around": you can't name a more glaring oxymoron!

The "center" or anything that is "centered" has everything around it, by definition. It is *at* the center; it is not "around" anything.