Friday, November 14, 2008

Nice news...

As I said before, I'm taking my time on both my rewrite of The Bestsellers and my book proposal. I sent my agent the book proposal overview and he really liked the tone. So far, so good. I'm going to continue to work on it and make sure that it sounds as fascinating as I think it is.

On The Bestsellers, I had to really just let it go for a second. Then I started rethinking about the story I wanted to tell. Basically, I want a discovery story between a young woman and an older woman. But while I had the structure down pat, my characters were basically flat and unemotional. This happened because I hadn't taken the time to flesh them out so I knew what their motivations were. Your plot can be a great map, but if you don't communicate to your audience (or coverage readers) why your characters are going on that road, they simply won't care. So I thought about who my characters are and about their motivations. It's script 101, but it's easy to miss. So I'm working on this background info before I start the rewrite.

Also, I watched The Bank Job and loved it. I particularly loved the tight script and it taught be a number of things about giving the back story briefly and then getting straight to the present. I'm looking for that script because I want to analyze it for my next script.

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