Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Why we as black folks can't prosper...

I'm starting to understand why our community is in the sad shape it's in. We have people with no understanding of true power, but would rather revel in being against power. I give you the keys to the realm and you'd rather shout from outside the walls. We have people who cannot understand critical thinking, nuance, the art of politics, strategy and long term benefit, and would rather hold a masturbation session about what feels good in the short term. They'd rather lose the war so they can feel secure in their current position, rather than understanding that at some point in time, the revolutionary has to govern. And with governance comes responsibility. It's almost as though our brains have been locked into a a self imposed Peter Principle, where the level of our own incompetence is not imposed from the outside, but from within ourselves. We don't see the possibilities of horizons. No, we see the limitation of the tools we have in our hands. Instead of analyzing history, we make history into a fetish. We toss around the names of Malcolm X, MLK, Paul Robeson as though we've done a critical analysis of who they are, but of what they were intending to accomplish. And when the table has been set, we've been invited to dine and move the movement forward, we shrink. We raise a toast to the past because it relieves us of the responsibility of having to come up with our own philosophy. Our own path. Our own revolution. In short, I see a certain segment of our people who are not only scared of change, but eager to wrap themselves around any excuse to not make change. Because to change would mean to confront their own limitations. And it's much easier to turn ones eyes backward than to look forward. And that's a formula for self sabotage if there ever was one.


RageyOne said...

well said.

i couldn't agree more.

The All Mighty Mark Skillz said...

I know what you mean. With Barack Obama running for president alot of people are looking for him to take stances that no smart Black man running for president should take.

Alot of us cling to idealogies because its all we've ever known, growth is scary, so we tend to stand on principles that are as comfortable as on old sock or pillow, but somewhere down deep we know we need to grow and change them socks and attitudes!