Monday, December 10, 2007

Back...Sorry for the lack of posts

Sorry for the hiatus, but I was busy writing. Right now, I'm back to writing The Dreaded Beautician. It looks like my evening hours will produce about three thousand words per night. And since we're about to head into the Xmas season, my productivity will get a LOT better.

As for scripts, I'm working on my A WOMAN OF GOD script. This is a slowly but surely script as I swear that I know this script more than I've ever known a script. But I want to take my time.

Been watching a lot of movies. Half Nelson which I half liked. An old school Bad and Beautiful with Kirk Douglas. Elizabethtown, which I really did like, but I think others hated. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. Enjoyable, but like cotton candy, not very memorable or long lasting. Tried to watch The Departed, but I was so damn bored that I turned it off. And I have not an iota of curiosity about how that film finished. I think Martin received an Oscar for that in the same way Pacino got an Oscar for Scent of a Woman.

Anyway, I'm still not under any type of deadline, so I'm free to write as much as I like and when I like. So I shall write a lot in the next three weeks.


Dan M said...

Lawrence, you're crazy. The Departed was awesome. Awesome. And you're out of the massive until you admit it. Or, until you can travel back in time and stop Cal from suffering a humiliating football loss to Stanfurd. Which ever comes first.

I await your response.

Lawrence said...

I was so bored with The Departed, I didn't even yawn. And I will be at the Massive eating a French Dip sandwich while rueing the hours I spent watching Jack Nicholson do Jack Nicholson. LOL