Sunday, August 05, 2007

I'm Back...

Ah, a week vacation. I swear, you can't beat it. The wife's feet are getting better, but I was still Mr. Mom for the week. We have another week of this, and then she's back on her feet and spending cash. Now, to the writing front...

I'm cool with articles for Iconoculture, and the week off has done wonders for me. I was like a computer that needed to be defraged over the past three weeks. My hard drive was slow and stuttering. But now, I'm ready to go.

Ben has sent my The Bestsellers out to a producer, and it's going up the ladder. Story editor first, and now to one of the producers. So far, so good. I'm guess that it was given a second read over the weekend. We're in the waiting to see period. But hey, you've got to get out there some time, so time to see how the script is received.

This week, I MUST finish the Divine Nine update. It's more than two months over due, and I've never been so behind. But I need to get this millstone from around my neck and simply get it done. I have to say, Kensington has been pretty good about this. But time to just roll with it.

Started work on the Woman of God Script, but changed the name. I'm not thinking too much about the script, just writing a first draft to see where it goes.

Also, I decided to work on a one-hour television drama script about the black church. I can see it being on HBO, rather than network television. I'm gonna buy Alex Epstein's Crafty Television book since we didn't do a lot (read, almost nothing) of television writing at UCLA. The pilot I wrote for the USC student was a'right, but definitely not my best work. More like throwing darts at the page and hoping it all tied together. But I like this story and the characters, more than that story. A lot of it harkens back to my grandfather and my grand uncle who both led churches in the 70s. Lots of draaaaaama with them, and I think my modern story will be very interesting.

This week is also pitch week. BET, and then tying up loose ends with TV-One, and then tightening a one-sheet for Arthur Smith's production company. At the end of the week, I'm driving to Vegas to go to the National Association of Black Journalists convention.

The Crips books is on hold. Manie says that my subject has fired a manager, so we're waiting to see how this shakes out. More than likely, if I do write it, it'll start around September, which is cool by me.

For the next few weeks, I need to set up my book signings/Divine Nine lectures, and publicity, for MONEY SHOT and SKIN GAME. Kemp, I haven't forgotten about you. I'll email you tomorrow. I always have the philosophy that your publisher's not going to do anything (not true, but helps get you in the right mindset) so I'm going to do everything to get the word out about the books. Also, I'm going to move from signings at bookstores, so to First Fridays style signings with drinks. Standing behind the podium can be mindnumbing for both the author and readers. I'll be doing one in the Inland Empire and then one in LA in October.

Workout: Did Kajukenbo last week. Damn near passed out. But it was fun as hell, and I'll definitely get in shape this way. BTW, Langston passed his test and moved from white belt to yellow belt. I was sooooo proud. He did a great job. Now he wants to get his orange. I need to step up.

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