Monday, January 15, 2007

So close I can taste it...

Okay, in this process of writing my non-fiction book, I have found that some of my actors aren't the most reliable people. Seriously. I'm technically done with the book, but I want to include three others. However, they've flaked damn near every day, so I don't think it's going to happen. It's a pity because I wanted their voices heard, but I can't force people to do what they don't want to do, even when they say they want to do it.

On other fronts, tomorrow is MLK's birthday and I always take a minute to thank him for giving me all of these opportunities. I don't believe my achievement come from my individual genius, but the sacrifices of others who paved the way for me, so I'm grateful.

It's 434 time at UCLA and we pitched last week. Listening to a room full of people pitch their scripts can be both exciting and eyeteeth pulling painful. I imagine that as first years, we gave the same long winded pitches that the first years in my particular pitch session gave, but whew, that can hurt your soul. In one class, I started the pitching and I hoped to lead by example. My pitch lasted exactly thirty seconds. Not a second more. For some, the opening sentence didn't end until a minute later. People tend to think that if they simply talk more, then what they're trying to describe will be clearer. Nothing could be further from the truth. Stand up, get to the point, sit down. Next. Yeesh.

I'm contemplating whether or not this will be my last 434 script at UCLA. I graduate in June, and I may spend the last spring quarter doing a rewrite versus doing another first draft. But I would kind of miss the whole 434 process if I did decide to skip it.

My 434 for this quarter is going to be a comedic spoof of a genre. That's all I can say. lol

On Tuesday, with the book finally done, I will begin working out again. I gained WAY too much weight during this helacious period of writing, but I get back on the work out horse on Tuesday. I even have a UCLA trainer for three times during the week. Gotta look good by graduation.

Anyway, it's 4:40am, and I'll probably be dead tired this evening. I know I was dead writing all day today.

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